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we're here with a new post on this site, lads. In this article, which can be called the most beautiful blessing of being a freelance programmer when I talk about yazilimcilik.
we're here with a new post on this site, lads. In this article, which can be called the most beautiful blessing of being a freelance programmer when I talk about yazilimcilik.
Freelance yazilimcilik other free host with exchange yazilimcilik too much advantage, I'm sure there are some challenges as well. Now this is a look at the pros and cons of throw.
The Pros Of Freelancing
Money: Odds Are you have a lot more than you made in a job. For example, the minimum wage in 1 month you 1 a week you can earn even more money for someone.
Comfortable working: you receive a freelance job at home or take your laptop anywhere you want and you can do it.
Administrator edition: erected on the hill, the deadline you are not a manager or a boss who put pressure on you.
Permits and holidays, he used to say: when you have to allow any job like a cat, a boss that requires you to open your eyes and look at you because you don't have vacation or time off whenever you want you can.
Hours: anytime you can sleep, get up when you want. Work when you want, you can take a break whenever you want. Working hours depends on you completely enjoy.
Way used to say, is not a place that you are trying to go, as if you were trying to catch up every morning to chase a bus that you would have need service or you don't.
Tax and other Payments: as a freelancer, you won't make your work on the occasion of the tax and other payments.
Shortage adapt to the business environment: the business environment and harmony in the workplace have a shortage of the standard, you won't. You are annoying and don't want an employee that you will not have to see every day.
Hike and performance: while I'm waiting for a raise, a standard raise in a company or performance, how the stress of wondering how to get a raise you receive, think and enter into the hike, you do not wronged a nervous breakdown after seeing. If you can show your care for that much freelance work you will make money. (Companies almost all employees are generally not satisfied hikes.)
Additional work: extra work, you have the opportunity of making it as freelance work. Both, a regular job, a regular income you can generate can generate additional income in your spare time and work remaining. 7/24 customer request and to contact you, but you come home tired from your regular job and freelance jobs that will be created, not to mention the extra tiredness that you receive.
Cons Of Freelance
Customer engagement: Customer to find is a serious problem. If you have a crowded environment, it would be a little easier to find customers. But if you are not, then you may need to remove money from your pocket for you to do your ad.
Customer Linking: the ability to be a salesman but the customer is binding yazilimcis You want. Therefore you must be good at marketing at least as much as it is in the software. Most of the clients that come to you or you can give to others.
Trust issues: the company and your place is not certain, because you are not of our country, customers fully trust it.
Collecting money: you want to deliver and do the job. In addition the customer comes to pick up the money and starts messing with you. The worst thing that could happen is to give up on the business he had built. The best thing to do is to deposit in order to avoid this, but it is because of the trust issue can sometimes be difficult.
Inability to the contract: the customer's contract to protect your rights, you cannot own and not the company. This is causing so much trouble.
The desired changes constantly: takes a job from a customer and you can make exactly the way you want it. There is the possibility to request changes but after all the time-and the one that usually happens.
Irregular Income: your income is not fixed, a month, a very good job you have the possibility of taking on fly fishing for another month.
Insurance and other requirements: insurance and you will have your dining needs as well as your pocket.
Legal trouble: this time I've seen somebody who's working as a freelancer have been fined. But there is a possibility that. Even if this act is obtained against you because there is one pin from the income tax. If you will receive a penalty if you do not pay those taxes. Maybe "who will know" where you wouldn't take it with you may think that the idea of punishment, but one of the crazy customers that each customer comes up to me and if you complain even though you have fulfilled their responsibilities to you how much in any case, you are found guilty.This way, you constantly keeps you on your toes.
As a result, plus freelance work are many, the cons also. But you can minimize the cons. Therefore, in a year of doing this, you can pull your car in under earn money, including expenses, "the fuck I would have made far more money if they worked a minimum wage job" you may be in a position to say.
Freelance jobs if you have trouble in a lot of customers, unfortunately many web designers and software also may not be innocent. Job quality and those who do right freelance programmers and web designers with a lot more people if we break issues aside, I've seen and heard. "I broke up with my boyfriend, I'm depressed, I can't so deal with it", "I took the decision to go abroad, take care of it from here on out" or lose it, "I'll deliver it 2 weeks later" so-called, despite being barely 2 months and those customers who don't answer the calls of those who delivered in the convenience of doing freelance work for a variety of problems are the ones who go overboard and make a whole lot more there. Also negative this kind of situation will cause you to be looked at from the point of freelance software and web design.
For this reason, for people who do freelance software, the best advice is be the best in marketing in the software as much as it is, trust yourself and the job in the best way, timely and hassle-free to care. Just as there will be your reference for your business customers, or someone you want to get them done again to a web site or software to your web site or software, you'll first come to mind when you said you wanted. On this occasion the customer after a point will get rid of the trouble of the trouble of calling and linking.
freelance software and web design we launched this site to the topic of the eye. In the next article ... take care of yourself until we meet again