China will replace Wikipedia, which it banned 13 years ago!


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Wikipedia is an information site created by a community of volunteer people from many countries around the world. 13 years ago, Wikipedia, which was living with the Chinese government, was banned in China. But China plans to build a new information network to replace that shortfall. But can this success, achieved by people who work online and voluntarily, even through a free internet, be done by a state?

China will replace Wikipedia, which it banned 13 years ago!
It is said that the Chinese state will open about 300 thousand articles for this project, which will be named “Great Wall of culture of China” by the definition of state-sponsored civilian organizations. A team of 20 thousand people from universities, research institutions, academicians is also planned. The length of the articles is planned to be more than a thousand words. The Chinese Encyclopedia, which is scheduled to be grown by 2018, is already under discussion.

The Chinese state, which 13 years ago pressed against the closure of unwanted articles, had failed to exert influence on Wikipedia. That's why he chose to ban it.

We will see how effective an information site will be to write to 720 million internet users under their control. Because information must be unbiased and clear.

The Chinese government, which says it is a socialist state, can be how free and how neutral can the information that people working on its behalf write?

Yang Muzhi, Editor-in-chief of the Chinese encyclopedia project and President of the China Book Distributors Association, says that Wikipedia will not be imitated, that it will strengthen the basis of socialism, a lasting cultural heritage, where China is advancing in the fields of Science and technology.

The Chinese Encyclopedia, which will start with 100 different categories, will of course be Chinese.