In 9 minutes, what is SEO?


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Many website owners get SEO work done after the lack of information from both vakitsizlik need for SEO work doesn't control.
This can have interesting consequences.
In today's article, a very short time, in 9 minutes how to check your SEO work,, I want to tell. Hopefully from this article then you are concluding that you made the SEO work that has gone in vain. �
Control SEO work in 9 minutes
Want your work do it yourself SEO, enterprise SEO consulting firm if you want to make, and the good news can come only after a much longer period than you might think. Therefore, be too hasty and on the other hand I need to miss the end of the rope.
If you do what I tell you carefully, regularly, and easily understand the state of your SEO efforts is SEO you will understand what throw you don't throw away your budget.
1 – the number of pages in the Google index – 0,5 minutes:
The number of pages indexed in Google is rising, as is sort of a positive reflection of your SEO efforts.
You need to do: run the following search in the Google Search box right there
ditch Google in number of pages
Call if you do this regularly, you can check the improvement in the number of indexed pages.
It will take up to 30 seconds of this questioning.
Note: If you want to do a more detailed study if you can compare the Google results with the number active on your site URL. For this process a dynamic sitemap is using, will suffice.
2 – Organic Traffic-Control – 4 minutes:
To increase your organic traffic, the SEO work should be placed at the top of the list of expectations from.
I want to separate it into two parts, the control of organic traffic.
a – the keyword of your state: key word study is done via a very large part of SEO work, hence, you should review the last status on Google keyword SEO work done.
5-10 sorgulatip your keyword on Google, it will take up to 1 minute to control the sequence.
b – General should not be measured by the success of just good SEO keywords ranking in organic traffic. After a period of overall organic traffic of the site must increase.
You need to do:
•Log in to your Google Analytics account
•Mass – overview – select the organic traffic
•SEO the earlier of the date of commencement of the work to select the interval from the current date.
organic traffic results
This control will take you up to 3 minutes.
3 – Google Search Console – 3 minutes:
After getting SEO work done wants much more to take place in the Google search results to be awkward, isn't it?
Organic traffic from Google natural results that sometimes even we artmas so, we increased our representation on Google for can be a sign that we are on the right path.
You need to do:
•We are entering our search Google account console.
•Search traffic – Search Analytics we call.
•Date filters, impressions, and adjustments we're making to the options of the country.
If it's a chart like the following if you have made an SEO specialist SEO work for a fire I say �
search queries
4 – Income – 1,5 minutes:
Everything is fine, but organic sales from what's your situation? Do you check your conversion rate?
So we're hanging out in the wrong places, sometimes in SEO work, we lose the big picture.
We are rank on keywords, organic traffic to our status, our rates is very important for us to show in Google searches of course, but more important sales!
If an SEO expert to do the SEO work for you make a payment if these payments worth of rightly if you want to get. So, you pay $ 1 back to you a few TL's back, actually shows the success of SEO work.
A good SEO specialist should certainly guide you right. Search volume non-specific words that will not bring in sales to your advantage or your rise will not be has to tell you. Otherwise, you will have to continue to pay Google Adwords a ton of money on advertising.
You need to do:
•We are entering a Google Analytics account.
•Conversions – e – commerce- we call it the general look.
•From the earlier of the date of commencement of the SEO work we choose the interval to the current date.
•We call organic traffic.
•Metric such as “come” we choose to.
It's that easy!
I told you above 9 minutes, to the budget you have allotted for SEO work you can easily check whether the right has been granted. If you want to prepare detailed SEO report about your SEO work, you can reach us at any time.
Come On, Take It Easy!