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Wikipedia is a non-profit Global Internet encyclopedia organization led by the Wikimedia Foundation. On September 9, 2007, Wikipedia surpassed two million titles, earning it the title of the greatest Encyclopedia of all time. Until that day, the record was owned by the British Yongle encyclopedia for 600 years. The 15th edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, the most famous Encyclopædia, had 65 thousand articles. Wikipedia has more than 5 million English titles.

It is the fifth most visited website in the world, with about 400 million singular visitors per month. Because the content is produced by the participants, often incorrect information can be given. However, it is not too difficult to correct this misinformation by citing sources or adding new information to the headlines. Here's some other interesting information about history's grandest encyclopedia movement:

‘Wiki’ as a word in the Hawaiian language, ‘soon’ means. After Wikipedia, however, the word ‘wiki’ became a general term used in the technology world for ‘applications that visitors to the site contribute to their content’. The name’ Pedi ' part was taken from the Encyclopedia.

Time magazine selected people who contributed to Wikipedia as its ‘Person of the year’ in 2006.

Every January 15 is celebrated as ‘Wikipedia day’ around the world as the anniversary of the entry ‘Hello World’, the first entry in Wikipedia.

As of Wikipedia's moment, more than 67 million Content Producer editors have signed up. 312 thousand of them are active users.

Wikipedia is not a platform on which the ultimate verification takes place, as it is prepared with the contribution of anyone who wants it. He has no such claim. It has a lively, up-to-date, variable structure that makes it easy to get to most of the information on a subject, different views, claims. This is why there is an interminable edit battle within Wikipedia. So much so that on one occasion Wikipedia had to temporarily suspend access to Wikipedia as editor from the IP addresses of the US Congress. That's because the offices of members of Congress were going into headlines about rival politicians and doing frantic editing. Wikipedia's most edited title of the full 46 thousand times George W. It's no coincidence that it's a Bush title.

The country with the most titles against Wikipedia is the United States. Thousands of different anti-American claims, information, titles, from ”the USA is a terrorist state” to ”colonialism” to ”the country that supports terrorism” to ”veiled fascism” to ”the CIA's drug and arms trade” to ”the racism of the American people” to ”the killer State” have found their place on Wikipedia. However, Wikipedia's servers are located in the U.S. State of Florida.

Wikipedia has a philosophy. Select any title and click on the first link in the title. Click on the first link there and continue until you will see the title ‘philosophy’. The last stop for 95 per cent of the titles on Wikipedia is the title ‘philosophy’.

Wikipedia's content production rate is at odds with the weather. If the weather is bad, Wikipedia's edit traffic increases enormously. The good weather is ruining Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has versions in 295 separate languages. English German French and German versions have the most titles. The name of the Turkish version is Wikipedia. However, the breadth of Wikipedia in a language can vary depending on the people in that language being at peace with technology. For example, the size of the Catalan Wikipedia, spoken by 13 million people around the world, is twice the size of the Indonesian Wikipedia, spoken by 165 million people.

Wikipedia versions with more than a million titles: Deutsch Español Français Italiano Nederlands 日 Pol Polski русский Svenska Tiếng Việt

Wikipedia versions with more than 250 thousand titles: العربية Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa Melayu Català Čeština Euskara فارسی 한국어 Magyar Norsk Bokmål português română srpski Srpskohrvatski Suomi Turkish українська Türkçe文

Wikipedia Esperanto nynorsk Slovenčina Slovenščina, with more than 50 thousand titles: Bosanski Български Dansk Eesti ελληνικά English (simple form) Esperanto Galego עברית Hrvatski latviešu Lietuvių Norsk Nynorsk Slovenčina Slovenščina ไทย

Many of us automatically enter Wikipedia from the memory of our browser. But more than half of Wikipedia's traffic comes from the Google search engine.

Wikipedia's official song is a song called “Hotel Wikipedia”. It was adapted from the band Egales ‘1976 hit song ' Hotel California.

A prophetic survey of what will be the last title to open on Wikipedia is also developing along with the site . There are also titles such as ‘the last digit of the number Pi’, ‘goodbye carp’, ‘how was this divided by Zero’, among the prophecies competing as the final title candidate.

Wikipedia also has a list of deleted nonsense titles. These titles include’ Etiemeağrisi‘,’ diarrhea of geniuses‘,’ nose blow guide‘,’ famous people lured by jellyfish‘,’ jellyfish lured by famous people".

Wikipedia also has an online university: Wikiversity. An activity dedicated to co-learning. Anyone can take a course here or take a course on the subject they want to learn. Got diploma. The goal is really to have knowledge.