Nokia's new flagship screen will come with six cameras


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Nokia, which was acquired by HMD Global and is looking to gain a place in the smartphone industry, plans to introduce its new phones at MWC 2020. One of the devices the company plans to introduce at this event, the Nokia 9.2 PureView, will come with an under-screen camera has been revealed.
Nokia, a Finland-based phone maker, was once one of the world's most popular phone brands, but with the development of technology and smartphones gaining a much bigger place in the industry, it has become a brand not seen much over time. The company, although trying to find a place in this industry, has not yet achieved enough success to increase its popularity.

The company, which has set its mind to show itself in the smartphone industry, is constantly working on new smartphones, and it seems that this time it is coming quite determined. New information has been shared about one of the smartphones Nokia will introduce, which plans to introduce new smartphone models at the MWC 2020 event, which will take place in the middle of next month. Rumours are that Nokia will use a new camera technology on its Nokia 9.2 PureView flagship, which it will introduce at MWC 2020.

Nokia 9.2 PureView will come with under-screen camera technology
A Twitter user named nokia_anew, known for leaking information about Nokia-branded smartphones, reported the situation to his followers in a new Tweet earlier today evening. HMD will use under-screen camera technology on its new flagship Nokia 9.2 PureView model, the user reported. If this information is correct, Nokia will have the opportunity to become the first company to launch a smartphone equipped with this technology.

Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo have already been known to work on this technology, but it is surprising that Nokia has lost popularity. Of course, no matter how ‘reliable’ the source is, it's only a claim for now, so we'll see if Nokia uses this kind of technology at the MWC 2020 event, which starts on the 24th of next month.