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too many finger put deep wounds on this site, but maybe that will be one of the deepest wounds. We're throwing a look at the programmer seeking job postings in Turkey.
too many finger put deep wounds on this site, but maybe that will be one of the deepest wounds. We're throwing a look at the programmer seeking job postings in Turkey.
You've made a thousand efforts, you worked your nights on your floor during the day, we're didindin, but you're dealing with, maybe a world you are the love of money, maybe your elbow curuttun school we are to read and, as a result, the programmer you are. E the whole ordeal for the sake of our father that we didn't, of course, a salary on top of the bread we eat and the standards we rightly hope.
Software Developer Job
We are now entering jobs. Our efforts with our knowledge and we are looking for a business we can make some money on savings. Such ads out before us:
Our company is an expert on web design to be commissioned in the department; employees who can work in harmony with the other team we are looking for talented and creative web design specialist.
• Web design using XHTML and CSS approved by the customer in the environment, transfer in accordance with the W3C standards,
• . ASP NET Web programming-related technical information
• Moving visual elements (intra-site flash animation, Banners, etc.) designing and integrating web sites,
• Buttons, icon, banner, and practically produce the quality of basic items such as photo processing
• To examine and investigate the developments in the world of web design, and be able to convey them to life.
Qualifications :
• Creative, innovative, original, and visual design ability, high-power,
• At least 2 years web design experience have
• Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver programs at an advanced level ability to work
• HTML, XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript, who knows
• Able to offer our portfolio of quality and has done a creditable job,
• Loves to takes you successfully to the end and finalize every job from
• Privacy and liability issues business ethics,
• For male candidates military service completed or postponed for at least 2 years,
• At least knows enough English to read and understand technical documents
It should be noted immediately that this a serious job posting and extremely large ad from the site, copy/paste was taken by. So, from one side I didn't make up these criteria. Even now we go to the site and browse personal ads firlatsan the programmer already an ad, similar ads, you can see the one that does the same thing.
The company that owns ref Sabancı, Koç is one of the largest companies in Turkey or not. Extremely ordinary and standard company. Therefore, the salary they will give to people who have the qualities you're looking for this numbers are not very solid in the minimum wage is perfectly capable of that fee. Unknown insurance, road-food and other social rights, such as the fate of fatality.
In summary if you examine the flyer, the programmer, a graphic designer and web design who can do both knows English, and already has done a solid job and world-class you need someone who can do the job.
My Personal Experience
I did a job interview that very much in time. In every interview, their ridiculous salary offer, Halil Sezai and social injustice and work for a second when I hear strains of it's not possible not to revolt. Each anlatmicam Already all look alike. In a two-bahsedice I am.
2 years ago I applied for a similar job although this sample is not so ridiculous Job Ads. After a day or two they called, I went. Up the ass at the office, what on what you have in the kitchen is a room where you can give a two-minute break. We've been seeing, I've done software projects I showed. Furthermore, oral interviews were held in one software. "When requested to do something like this, which code do you use? In such a case, which tool do you use?" like. I answered all of them. 45 minute question and prove myself as a result of a process to get right, and the guy began to tell on her own terms and she wanted to hire me;
"TL 900 salary (the minimum wage was around 750 at that time). We're going at 8 a.m. on weekdays and come in at 7 in the evening, but the job can be according to the situation. Saturday we work half a day and come in at 8 o'clock in the afternoon we're going for 4, but usually out at that hour. 3-stage trial, we have a process. Phase 1 takes months. The way of food, you do not have insurance. After that, we went to the second level lasts for 2 months, Insurance the way we do and don't eat. In the final stage 3 months to take we'll give you money, no food. After passing through the third stage, a raise, and food the subject of assessment."
I thought, Damn, I wonder if you think an offer like that with my mom indirectly to my sisters, or this is the best shit around me or pointing me in the sign with the arrow is gone and the crystal light of the year "chump" does it say ... Still I was being polite, "No, thank you. I don't accept these terms," I said. When they received no response from me, may Allah be pleased with) improved the proposal(!) "All right, then, the toast of the first stage, Direct Insurance, do we look to the second and third stages". It won't be looked at the man as he spoke, the wave as a result of the offer as the last insult, the man dalacom "best let me think about it," I said. "Okay, definitely let me know, but," said durruk bi ...
In another interview, it's the opposite. 1 and a half years ago. Sıtkı jobs slough this kind of ridiculous, I thought we hit the bottom of poverty. Responsible for processing the information they were looking for in a state hospital. Maintenance work on the computers at the hospital of the work was to be done. Format, program setup, simple things like that. Though insurance salary is 950 TL+road+food, giving way to my house because it is within walking distance due to the fact that the money will stay in my pocket I went I met. The man looked at my CV, "you and developers do you know so much you can do. The salary does not accept more than 5 months after you stop working, I need men who can run continuously for us," he said. "Dude, let's go, I'll try" I say "programmer salary is less than this will be as simple as a man and you did the work and their salaries, unfortunately, not determines the center of us, so for sure you'll go," he said, and didn't want to hire me.
Software companies software to do the job you're applying to offers a world benchmark and they call a ridiculous offer computer-related Do you want to do a simple job "you developers you said, didn't work" when it's not. Now God is really a programmer that money does not make a business of it, but makes do with the market conditions.
It ends with telling about this. Maybe I gave you two example here, but this is what I experienced in what is one of these I'm the exception. My friends and I repent to live and that the live experience yazilimcilik programmer, programmers on the internet who suffer from the same trouble has reviews written on these subjects. The events in this post are not entirely my views, my thoughts or experience. Therefore, "brother, let us soguttun" is in the style of comments. - Get up, get gas, those who want to read news sites. There's the "70 thousand developers there is a need to 21. yazilimcilik the profession of the century" in the style of the market that does not reflect the realities of news. If you house if that were the case I'd be writing this article right now, with sea views from the hot tub. And if you have a need to 70 thousand because developers cannot be found, then the profession is very solid for a hundred years yazilimcilik would need to get the money.
They reported 70 thousand ha really I'll wake to find that programmer and programmer brothers like me, we don't hide. Well, look. Most of us ridiculous in the heat, so we're not just hungry, High School graduate, working for pay less than the minimum salary. Also, we're not masochists. So, in this case don't get pleasure from being. This work-related conversation is not necessarily relevant to the job in question will come after I'm working right now. I've said many times previously, for those who don't know, I'll say it again. Currently a very large company that knows everyone's name in the R & D department I work in. I don't receive very large numbers, a charge of about 1 and a half times the minimum wage, I say the rest of you understand. Huh "all these problems the developers have lives, creeps all developers, no one does not get a good salary" I'm not saying that. Workers in there are very good conditions, but in general terms.
It ends when the software in question to work with. 10 use to describe the conditions we are writing like this. Let's just drop it and let it end.
this time we put a finger on one of the deepest wounds on this site. Hopefully it will help. Young people to discuss in the next article, be good to yourself.