The Creation Of A Blogger Page – Page Settings


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What Is The Part Of A Blogger Page?
By creating pages on Blogger to your blog visitors to see content on your page you will have contributed in one way or another.
Blogger Pages is a part of what if you want to come talk about him.
Even personal blogger to have a blog site that the site uses blogger, which is a situation that everyone should necessarily use the Pages tab to do let's talk about you. Of course, these processes of the current course in WordPress
There are situations where you can create categories in blogger Pages section.
What may well be these categories ;
If I could give you my own example on its upper side the time you came to the main page you can see the Categories tab.
4.Privacy Policy
5.S.S.S (Frequently Asked Questions)
Here we are now literally part of the blogger pages how to do;
Blogger Pages
blogger pages-new page-categories
Blogger Settings Pages
By clicking where indicated on the first page, press the tab and arrow you're standing in the part of the new page.
Meanwhile, categories like in the image you are creating. As in the image created.
Now let me tell you how to add the necessary categories to add to your page the recipe.
Partial Homepage
First you must add it to your site so your blog homepage.
In the illustration shown by the arrow in the add new page " you press, and fill in a page like this will appear as in the image.
Homepage-first category
Partial Homepage
# Title = first title as a homepage you write.
# Description = the description you write your name on the site. This link would be as follows.
When you hit the homepage section of those who visit your site, your site will be part of the first view.
# Description = the homepage part if you can write this section. After writing yayinlaya press.
The Part About
The homepage is to be added after the part about how I see fit.
Many website users like.
After clicking on create new page in the same way would be to create a part about yourself.
After adding the save operation is complete
Create categories in blogger, and pages in the section, of course, you can create different categories.
We wanted to share the most important because they are they basically.
For example, technology, science, health, sports, etc. you can create categories in style. But what is relevant to the topic of your site is definitely according to him, identify the categories.
Privacy Policy
The sine qua non of the Privacy Policy at each site page. The privacy policy has addressed all the issues in your site by adding your site to users should be informed by emphasizing that you are reading them.
See= Our Privacy Policy
FAQ's frequently asked questions
Incoming users to your site by creating a frequently asked Page after logging in to their site by seeing this page needs to fix suggestions that you can perform these operations.
By creating a sitemap page or some WordPress users blog users on their site, how many produces you can see that content, and users may be aware of them so you have to visit this page and also the content.
How to create a sitemap by reading How to record Google site called write your site, you can make the process of processing the Google index.