The wonders of technology that confronts us in 2019 FIFA 10 product


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2019 FIFA continues. This technology is manufacturers introducing new products at the Fair in Germany. In general, various technological innovations mainly in the activities of the FA, telephone and TV can also be found. We have compiled 10 pieces of the art products introduced this year, FA in 2019.
IFA at Berlin's largest technology fair, and giant TVs of big brands are introduced but many phones is seen as an activity eye-catching to new technological ideas also are taking part in this event. Digestive from the audience personal, wearable air purifiers, such as various product FIFA was introduced in 2019.
These new technologies can be a great source of inspiration for future generations. We have listed 10 products introduced at IFA this year's art for you. Let's take a closer look at these products come without delay.
1. Your digestive AIRE FoodMarble personal audience:
2019 FIFA
The apartment, which is a pocket size device which is the product of the digest and digest the food FoodMarble is stalking you. The first “personal digestive a follower” which is the apartment, eat food that is not compatible with the digestive system, warns the people who get ahead of digestive problems and possible aims. On your breath, that device can measure the level of fermentation in your intestines will be available with a price tag of around 180 dollars.
2. Samsung Hairdresser:
2019 FIFA
Hairdresser to remove bacteria from clothing “vapor jet” cleans your clothes with a drawl. Hairdresser that uses air jets to sterilize dust purify and Samsung strong Clothes, Clothes for those who want to refresh and Revive is a very useful device.
3. Explorer find Aalto-x 3-underwater robot:
2019 FIFA
The oceans are 70% of the earth cover, but 95 per cent of the oceans %a part of I haven't yet discovered. Based Aalto of Finland, has developed the world's first underwater discovery platform. 4G and 5G supported on this device, which is a 360-degree image comes with a camera that records. The product is currently under development.
Power Was Produced From Sound Waves Underwater Sensor
4. Barisieur alarm for tea brewing machine:
2019 FIFA
Brewing the tea which is very popular in the 1960s and 1970s alarm devices, FIFA emerges again in 2019. If you want to have your coffee or tea ready in the morning all you need to do, your tea or coffee to the machine before going to bed at night say it should be ready when it's ready. Barisieur, will be sold with a price tag like $ 420.
5. Veritable garden smart device:
2019 FIFA
Veritable garden smart device is a device that allows fruit to grow your own vegetables at home. Veritable; auto lighting, irrigation and a garden with nutrients, creating an artificial environment. All you need to do is periodically check the water in the tank of the device. Device around the $ 300 will be offered with a price tag of.
6. Barbie doll-angle camera:
2019 FIFA
The world, do you wonder how it looks from a baby's perspective? Did babeyes then take a look at the camera. Designed in The Shape of a teddy bear with the camera, you can record all your baby's movements and watch it later. Barbie doll-angle camera will be sold at a price of 140 dollars.
7. Wearable air purifier airvita C1:
2019 FIFA
Airvita, designed specifically for children between the ages of 3 and 10 of the world's only wearable air purifier. The device each 0,6 seconds, produces 2.000.000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. Ion concentration 100 times greater than that of natural forest. The device is basically the kids have to breathe it purifies the air and creating a healthy environment.
8. BONE Icebreakers Tech ski goggles:
2019 FIFA
If you want to listen to music smoothly while skiing Icebreakers Tech ski goggles BONE may be the product you are looking for. Facebook Tech BONE, sending low frequency sound directly to the inner ear through the bones of the jaw is. So you can hear what's going on around the advantage of the technique on the slopes is very important. A second feature of devices that use the same technology that allows you to create a Bluetooth intercom with mesh 5.0 miles having 17 people. This is a great thing for a great ski resort very difficult to stay connected.
9. REVO live coffee packaging machine:
2019 FIFA
Device packaging of these capsules, coffee capsules allows you to custom-blended in a few minutes. The dropdown allows you to easily capsules espresso machines, a coffee lovers dream can allows you to do all kinds of coffee. Is using a capsule device that can be used endless amounts of stainless steel.
10. Smart Welt belt:
2019 FIFA
Produced in South Korea, micro-USB charged Smart allows you to watch your waist size in the belt Welt. Your activities also, following the Welt, with the help of a pedometer, you share this data with a smartphone app.
The notable products of 2019 FIFA 10 is the end of our article we shared with you. From the comments section of your favorite product you can share them with us. FIFA 2019 we will continue to update you on developments. Stay tuned not to miss.