What is SOA?


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Service oriented architecture SOA (service oriented architecture) is an acronym for.
Basically by each SOA service refers to different units work independently of each other.
SOA can be handled as different units in the structure of a corporate firm.
A corporate firm in human resources, accounting, etc. serves and operates independently of the other units to other units.
SOA is an architectural approach that the various principles and has a broad scope.
Loose Coupling
The services are loosely connected to each other indicates. Thus, a service can operate independently of other services.
Is interoperable with other services indicates that the services. A common format is used for interoperability.
Indicates the services that can be used again.
Of service by service users of the internal structure is hidden.
Between the use of the service and service component/shell indicates.
Specifies that a service may operate independently of other services.
Specifies that services are stateless. According to the status of the service indicates that the service request will take shape and constantly are not the same.
Specifies the services to be discovered.
The application according to SOA architecture may have various principles.
Will be useful in designing the architecture of web services based on Sao.
Web service Classes can be found here...
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